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Jamie was a seventeen-year-old high school student when she came to Lifeline for a pregnancy test. Her test was positive. Jamie had no medical insurance or financial means to care for a baby.

Through Lifeline, Jamie received the encouragement and reassurance she needed, and was introduced to “Healthy Beginnings” and “WIC” programs – programs available for expectant mothers with financial needs.

The people at Lifeline also talked with Jamie, her parents, and family, to try to resolve their differences and handle the pregnancy and birth together.

“I had no idea what to do or how to deal with this pregnancy. Lifeline helped me get medical care, formula, and clothing. They gave me support and confidence I needed, to see that I could make it on my own.”

– Jamie

Stormy was in nursing school, raising a five year old daughter, and pregnant.  She previously had been pregnant and chose to have an abortion.  Six months later, she was pregnant again, but couldn't go through with another abortion.

Lifeline provide Stormy with the counseling and support she needed to continue her pregnancy.

“This is my second baby. Lifeline made the pregnancy less stressful by helping me find financial aid, providing maternity and children’s clothing and giving me emotional support.”

– Stormy

Eileen was a twenty-two year old single mother raising her eighteen-month-old son. When she realized she was pregnant again, she came to Lifeline for help. Eileen knew she didn't want abortion, but she was unsure about keeping and caring for another child. Struggling emotionally and financially, she considered adoption, but was in need of guidance and support.

Through Lifeline, Eileen made arrangements for adoption. As soon as she met the adopting family, she knew she had made the right decision for herself, her son, and her unborn child. Lifeline counseled her throughout her pregnancy and her adoption, and provided continuing support after the adoption was final.

“Just go in or call Lifeline. You'll be headed in the right direction. Adoption was right for me - it may not be for everyone. Lifeline can help you make that decision.”

– Eileen


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